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Free YouTube Downloader makes it easy to download any YouTube video and convert it to a number of different formats. With many codecs supported, YouTube videos can be saved and played back on a wide array of mobile devices. Do not use Free YouTube Downloader to save copyright media on your computer.
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This application saves video files in only a few short steps. To save a YouTube video, simply copy and paste the URL from the browser for the YouTube video into the Free YouTube Downloader. This prepares the file for downloading to the target machine.
Download Videos
Youtube Downloader HD is a simple but effective tool to download videos from YouTube and save them to your local computer. The videos can optionally be converted to AVI or MP4 format.
Easy-To-Use video downloader
YouTube Downloader is one of the easiest to use programs to convert and save YouTube videos to a computer so they may be viewed at a later time. With no crazy menus and video options, it is a streamlined and simple tool that makes archiving YouTube videos a snap.
  • Install RealDownloader
  • Download your favorite videos
  • Build your video collection
  • Easily transfer to portable device
System requirements
  • Intel Pentium 233 Mhz
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • Adobe Flash Player 9+
Conversion Of Files
Free YouTube Downloader also allows for the conversion of files that are already saved to the computer. To convert an existing file to a new format, simply choose a file from the hard drive instead of pasting a YouTube URL into the selection box and follow the same steps involved with saving a YouTube video.
Reviews For The Software
We love YouTube downloaders because they make it so easy to grab and save video from YouTube's inexhaustible, ever-expanding supply. Whatever you like, if it's on video, it's probably on YouTube in one form or another. HOW's Free YouTube Downloader is one of the easiest tools for that job we've found. It not only downloads videos from YouTube but also converts them and files from your hard drive into formats you can play on your iPad, iPhone, and similar devices. It offers several quality levels, including HD quality, and plays your converted file when the job is done, if you want it to.
Publisher's description
Free YouTube Downloader contains no adware, we had to click through several screens to get to the actual program's download. It's worth the effort, though, since Free YouTube Downloader's easy settings and minimal user interface let you quickly configure downloads and keep an eye on them in a corner of the screen while you do other things.
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